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Choosing the right size outfit for your baby or toddler

Wednesday, 27 November 2013  |  Admin

We get lots of enquiries from parents and grandparents asking what size size will be the best fit for their little one. Often babies and toddlers fall between sizes and every child is unique and every designer of christening and special occasion wear makes their own clothing to their specification and size.

Children's clothes and shoes are usually sized according to age but this is only really a guide. As we all know sometimes babies grow out of a size in a matter of weeks! This is why here at Christenings & Occasions we're trying hard to ensure that each gown, suit, dress and romper has its own size guide. Where we can, we measure individual items or give the designers own size guide. Designers such as Millie Grace, Angels and Fishes and Maisy May all work to their own sizes/measurements and provide us with their own unique size guide.

One of the easiest ways to decide if an outfit will fit your child is to compare the measurements given with an outfit your child is wearing at the moment and is comfortable in. The measurements we take as standard are chest and length. These are taken from the outside of the outfi with the garment laid flat. The chest is measured all round directly under the arm. The length is taken from neck to hem along the centre back seam for dresses and from shoulder to finish for rompers. For boys suits we take the extra measurements of waist, inside leg and collar. Other designers and manufacturers may take their measurements differently and when this is the case we will make this clear in the size guide available on every product page. For baby and toddler shoes we give the size, an approximate age range and for our Baypods and Early Days Gift Shoes we also give the inside shoe length from toe to heel.

And remember if you need any extra measurements just e-mail us and we're always happy to help :)